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DaiCon @ MMU Cyberjaya

Went for DaiCon at MMU, Cyberjaya on the 11/7/09 with Wil & Sharon.
Well, it's actually an expo which is showing the modern Japanese visual culture; as in Animes, J-Pop, cosplays and so on.

A banner at the entrance of the grand hall

In the grand hall, where the expo being held

Some cosplayers, I can't recognise them though *not a very big fan of animes* ><

Neither are these.. but I quote them as the "Emo cosplayers" :P

I recognise this one! Suzumi Haruhi in bunny mode!... and the two unknown males

Finalist of the cosplayers competition. From left is Dante frm DMC4, Mario guy, *a chubby cosplayer*, Suzumi Haruhi, *a cute cosplayer* and a robot from Star Wars
*name with stars, i don't know their name lah .__.*

Gundam figures exhibition

Anime figures exhibition

Anime chibi figures exhibition

Enjoyable expo though, gonna visit another one like this in the near future :)

My New Babe!

Behold... my new found love....

The hawtness of the front view!

She's so sexy in the "inside" part too..

Check out her sexyback =P

Okay, I might be a lil over react with my new car lah. But who doesn't when they get something new right? But I'm gonna suffer for every month for another 6 years for this babe =.=

New surface

New template, new look.

Saya akan memulakan sekali blog saya.

Again =x

Happy Chinese 牛 Year !

It's the year of Ox already!

Though I must admit it's a very quiet CNY this year.

Lou Sang on the eve of Chinese New Year at grandma's house.

Nothing feels better than the morning breeze on the 1st day of CNY.

A part of the CNY tradition is visiting your relatives a.k.a bai lin.

My uncles, aunties and grandma.

My mummy and daddy. and my lil bro's hand.

Foods.. foods.. and more foods and drinks!

Lou Sang part II. This time at a vegetarian restaurant in Klang.


I got 15 angbaos this year. Decreasing from last year's 23 angbaos.


The amount is no joke. RM203.00 total up from 15 angbaos!

And the world is having problems with global recessions now.

Recession what lah, everyone seems to be more generous this year :P





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